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Volunteer opportunities:

There is nothing more valuable for children than the stability and confidence of those around them. At Heartbeat Children, it is our volunteers that represent a constant and reassuring presence for the children. Every time they spend with a child, they bring something to his or her world: learning, self-confidence, and the opening of dreams and possibilities; the volunteers ARE our Family! We look forward to having you; please contact

Heartbeat offers several opportunities for Mission groups, Families, Organizations, Schools and Individuals who are interested giving their time to our projects that will help improve lives of many children. Sign up now!

Volunteer at a LIVE Concert/Event:

There are many ways you can volunteer at an upcoming concert/event. It is an opportunity to join the heartbeat family, share your experience and inspire others

Be an Advocate:

Join our campaign and raise awareness about children who suffer from poverty,physical punishment, sexual violence, trafficking and exploitative labor conditions. Raise your voice with us to protect these children.

Tell Your Friends:

Spreading the word by talking about Heartbeat Children to friends, family and co-workers can go further than you might think. Every new friend is precious to us.

Fund a Project:

Join hands with other like-minded people, and bring a large project to life.

Funding Heartbeat Children’s programs will help transform lives of many children. Get your friends and family together, and help us reach our goals for these projects!

Instruments for Aid:

Share in our love of African music by purchasing the quality instruments that we handcraft, for your self, friends and children. For every instrument sold, 50% will go towards supporting heartbeat children programs. Click here to Order

Beads for Women:

“Beads for Women” is an innovative social enterprise that supports women to advance economically, fight poverty and support their children through trade in beautiful handcrafted paper/bean beads. Click here to visit “Beads for Women”

Adopt a Project:

Heartbeat Children seeks to intervene by empowering parents, guardians and youth with life skills that can generate revenue for the families. Our training skills include: Tailoring, Computer training, Jewel making, art and crafts, and vocational training. You can adopt a project and help raise funds.

Group Tours:

If going overseas is part of you dream, our experienced leadership team will work with you to ensure you make your journey enjoyable and safe. We will guide you through key trip preparations, such as obtaining passports, visas (if necessary) and immunizations. We’ll provide travel tips, a packing list, and fun ideas for children’s gifts. Your journey will leave you with lasting memories.

Promote Heartbeat Children:

Help spread the word about what we're doing and how much children around the world need your help. Some free stuff we'd be happy to put in your hands as tools to use in include Toolbars, Yard signs, Stickers Please contact us and we shall be delighted to have you:

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