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Outreach and Education

Our “outreach and education” is a residency program that gives you and your school the opportunity to spend an extended interactive time with Heartbeat children to learn and understand the music and lifestyle of Africa, its children and people. This program is designed for Elementary schools, Middle Schools and high schools and, will also provide the opportunity for your school to perform together with Heartbeat Children in a culminating concert for your community.


  • Students will have the opportunities to experience the musical instruments, rhythms and melodies of Africa, and also have hands on experience to try several traditional instruments of Heartbeat Children.
  • Students will learn to sing Heartbeat Children’s songs and may create original compositions with Heartbeat Children in a workshop. They learn to improvise and may use dance movements to accompany the songs. They may also perform and record these songs any time.
  • Students will get a full understanding of the cultural features and importance of African music through multimedia presentation and interactions with Heartbeat Children. They will also learn deeper about the lifestyle and wildlife in Africa.


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