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Ivan Mawanda

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Geraldine Babirye is a passionate advocate for children. She spends her days in community listening to the touching and difficult stories of many vulnerable children who have been abandoned, abused or orphaned.After her bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education, she worked with the Infections Disease Institute in Kampala, Uganda as a counselor and in 2012 she co-founded heartbeat Children, a social initiative that uses the transforming power of music and dance to raise awareness and improve the way of life for children that are orphaned, displaced or living in poverty.
With Heartbeat Children she is able to live her dream of creating a platform that empowers and brings hope to many children, giving them a purpose and path to achieve their dreams.

A music lover, entrepreneur, adventure seeker and philanthropist at heart. Dima has a unique way of seeing opportunities and creating lasting win/win relationships. You will find Dima at a jam party he organized behind a smoking BBQ enjoying the vibes and the pleasure of bringing the local music and community together and feeding dozens of people. Dima holds Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) from UBC.

Working in the development and construction industry over the last 11 years, Dima has built a reputation for delivering projects on time, on budget, and of the highest quality. Being involved in construction projects as large as $160M, Dima brings business mindset, structure, execution,organization and just like the rest of our team he dreams BIG.

Herbert Kinobe a.k.a Kinobe was born in Uganda where he and his family lived through poverty.During that period many children lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and the war in Northern Uganda. In 2000, after performing a song on the World Aids Day, he was invited to UNICEF by H.E. Michel Sidibe, and shortly became a UNICEF advocate for children on topics of child labor, HIV and girl education.

Kinobe’s music took a big turn towards social work and soon started touring extensively in throughout Africa, Europe and North America, performing,teaching and working with young people. In 2012 he was appointed World Ambassador for the Harmony Foundation (CANADA) supporting their important work on environmental protection and social development and improving the lives of children and their families around the world.

Ronnie Nsubuga was raised by a single mother and at age nine, he met his father who died a few months later. Five years later he lost his mother and was compelled to raise eight siblings.Availed with the opportunity to further his education at the most prestigious University, Ronnie chose to help his sickly siblings achieve their educational and health potential.

This choice became the fountain of his passion to raise awareness and support vulnerable children. Armed with compassion to help, he began painting and selling his art works. With the proceeds, he founded Tender Mercies Foundation and today over 2000 children and widows have been empowered through education, health and self-sustaining income programs.

He has traveled extensively around the world helping developing countries control the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic and advocated for the education of vulnerable children.


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